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VIP and hospitality ticketing software for the sponsoring market

Modern cloud


For small, medium, and large companies available at any time, any place, at fair prices. 

Interdivisional collaboration

gets provides all stakeholders, such as the sales, compliance, marketing, and management teams, with one single software for all business processes.

hospitality ticketing

"From event set up to the nomination, compliance review and approval, to ticket distribution, on-site check-ins, and reporting."

Massive cost reductions

Regulating, simplifying, and downsizing processes, gets provides all conditions for a positive event ROI.  

One digital end-2-end process for all roles and events

Everything starts with companies investing in sports tickets, because deals are the result of strong relationships and live events help to build those relationships. Our software is specialized for that B2B market, for Sponsoring Hospitality Events or Marketing Hospitality Events and provides a real end-2-end solution:

  1. Set up teams with role-based user management

  2. Create events and allocate tickets

  3. Nominate people who drive business

  4. Approve the right people compliant with law

  5. Send personalized invitations

  6. Register on fully flexible online formulas and booking steps

  7. Check-In on site with live connection

  8. Get detailed reports

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