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Our Mission

Software as a Service - literally!

For small, medium and large enterprises.

Global Solution

gets corporate is designed for large enterprises engaging in corporate hospitality through sports, culture, and event sponsorship. Adapted to your company’s specific requirements and structures, the various departments involved in the management of hospitality events can cooperate using a single tool. 

Numerous customization options allow the tool to be suitable for unlimited kinds of events, taking place all over the world.  The set-up of the software enables you to customize everything yourself. Should you require assistance, we are happy to help. 

Please contact us for details and specifics.

gets in its variants is adapted to the demand of each customer. Sponsoring a single sports team and owning a lodge at the stadium or sponsoring the entire stadium, a venue, or an arena itself, has different requirements. The available modules and functions are tailored to event-specific, guest-specific, and company-specific preconditions.

gets light combines the features you require to manage everything within one tool. It portrays an affordable and flexible version of the tool, broken down to be applied to a local target area, cancellable on a monthly basis. 


gets professional supports those companies sponsoring a location where various kinds of events are taking place. The software offers an easily comprehensible system to manage the overall process from assigning tickets to monitoring attendance. 

We are happy to advise you on the ideal solution for you!

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Regional Solution