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Explore the features reforming hospitality ticketing processes

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Cloud solution

gets is delivered to you as a cloud solution, accessible through your browser, meaning you can use our software anywhere, and anytime. Your confidential data is taken care of, being securely stored on our servers. 

Fully flexible settings area

Our integrated settings module allows to determine various "role-based" user types by limiting permissions, accesses, and scopes of action and thereby to some extent creating diverse user surfaces. Depending on the user’s position and area of responsibility, the account is adjusted corresponding to your company’s requirements and structures. 

Versatile event & invitation management

gets combines the modules required for online event management. Your event managers have complete flexibility with our mail editor, the registration process, and the immediately reacting landing pages. On the day of the event, the responsive onsite check-in can be used live, tracking the appearance of guests. Reporting functions are included all over the software, allowing to download whatever data is required.

Integrated nomination and compliance modules

As it often is the case with hospitality events, the compliance department is to be consulted when it comes to granting invitations to guests. gets combines the various process steps involved within one tool through the corresponding user types and the default mandatory compliance questions, which ensure that your invitations to hospitality events are compliant. 

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We integrate with your company's landscape

The flexibility of gets ensures that the software is tailored to your company’s structure and requirements. The settings area combined with our unique teams function offers endless customization options.

For further information concerning the possibilities within gets, please refer to our customer section. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them through the contact form.