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About us

Our Story

We are a motivated and creative international team with offices in Speyer/Mannheim (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), and Denpasar (Bali,Indonesia).

The Zazou Group as an independent corporation was founded by Gabriel Cordero (CFO), Christian Weinberger (CEO), and Kai Kemper (CMO). The story leading to the formation of the Zazou Group began in 2017 and is rooted in the Go7 AG. 

Having won a pitch by SAP, Go7 was assigned the job to develop an end-2-end hospitality ticketing tool. Exceeding the expectations, the developed software led to an extension of the partnership with SAP to a global level. As the software was developed further, the Schwarz Group was acquired as new customer. 

After 4 years of development, the Zazou group was founded to provide the benefits of gets to the open market.

We as a team value security, effectiveness, enthusiasm, and individuality. Being fully committed to offering software as a service, we highly value security in terms of protecting the customer data entrusted to us - in terms of being reliable and of exercising due diligence. We are building relationships with our partners intended for the long term, always striving to deliver optimal results to our customers.


Our pursuit of effectiveness is reflected in the design and mode of operation of our products, but also in our actions. Constantly sharing our skills, knowledge, and expertise with our colleagues, we as a team collaborate efficiently while sharing the enthusiasm for great experiences - and the ability of making the processes connected to them as simple as possible.   

What we stand for